Helpful Kitten

This morning I woke up extra early, thanks baby hormones, so I thought I might work on my knitting. I have not been having many ‘nesting’ instincts beyond knitting lately.  I am not concerned, nor bothered, about the mess that is my currently apartment. Among my projects has been a baby blanket, unisex of course, a throw blanket for the grownups, and a third blanket of leftover balls of yarn (finished size unknown).

Since dog and man were asleep, kitten decided that we should bond.  When I say she thought we should bond, of course I meant that she thought that she should be my blanket model.

And what a lovely model she is.  Later, when I was making some Sunday brunch, she thought that she ought be paid for her modelling gig, in breakfast foods.

If I ever complain about my cat’s fatness, please direct me back here.  Does anyone else spoil their pets as much as we do?  My child has no chance.

Update: the cat is currently passed out on our bed, sleeping off the bacon.

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3 Responses to Helpful Kitten

  1. kilax says:

    Aww. What a sweet little helper. And what nice compensation!

  2. iduncant says:

    Mal! you haven’t used this in ages!

    baby pics???

  3. iduncant says:

    i miss your blog, it was awesome

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