Broken promises

Lately I’ve been noticing that the pittance of spending money I allow myself has been dwindling at a speedier rate than usual.  I took a close look at my spending and quickly spotted the culprit: coffee breaks.  Having recently changed job, I also moved from a floor with coffee service to a floor with no coffee service, just two kettles .  That are never full, by the way.  I strongly believe that I am the only person who fills and sets the kettles to boil after emptying them; sometimes I fill them while waiting for the microwave, just because I’m there.  The odds make me positive that someday I will walk in just as a full kettle is boiling.  The moral of this tangent: If you have kettles at work, go fill them, right now, even if you don’t need boiling water.

Back on track, I went from an endless stream of caffeine to my measly stash of teas.  Four kinds: chai, green with lemon, white blueberry and some other fruity herbal thing.  Ohhh, how I wish I had not left my sister all that tea I received as a Starbucks employee when I moved away.  It is also a social thing amongst my new co-workers, this ‘going for a coffee’ thing.  I want to fit in, I guess I need to join them; in those instances I generally get something pretty simple, coffee, tea with honey.  Pretty harmless, but buying a beverage all the same.  By myself is a whole other story.

Three pm rolls around, I’m starting to get the three pm ‘itis’ so I slink away from my desk, fidget away the 17 floor elevator ride, which is really 16 floors because there is no 13, but I can save how stupid I find that for another day.  I start wandering around the concourse level, attempting to jolt myself out of the mid-afternoon funk, thinking “Window shop, window shop, window shop.” Holt Renfrew, William Ashley, Indigo…cookbooks, magazines….then nothing.  I zone out, and before I know it, I’m standing in front of a five and a half foot high marble slab asking the barista for soy to put in my sugar-free-caramel-Americano, wondering where my subway change went.

 The walk home that evening is a fair trek, a coffee would be nice.  Out comes the card…

 This week I decided to myself that there would be no coffee buying, that I was not, in fact, too good for self-steeped tea in a ceramic mug.  I am not.  I would like to save the, *don’t read this, mom* $30+ I spend just on coffee each week.   But Saturday did not really work out, we took the dog to the park, it was chilly, a coffee was almost necessary for warmth.  Same for Sunday.  On Monday, it was decided that if my husband bought me a coffee, it was not the same as buying it for myself.  Tuesday, I was having a bad day, and then the second coffee, well that was just because it was the second of the month.  Today I forgot my breakfast at home.  

 My name is Mallory and I am pathetic, weak-willed, and currently drinking a schmancy coffee.

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3 Responses to Broken promises

  1. stephcarlson says:

    Well, If you like I will give you any tea I have left when I leave the country. But maybe you should start small by maybe limiting yourself to one schmancy coffee per day, then every other day that sort of thing. I don’t think cutting it out all at once is the best way to go because then you crack under the pressure. Love you.

  2. Mommy says:

    Yikes!!! $30 + on coffee. Yuck! There are so many better things to spend money on. You could buy a whole bunch of cute dresses like the one that you wore on Saturday night. Thanks again for a wonderfully planned event. I am sure that Doug T. was very proud of all of your efforts.

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