I have permanently sore elbows.

I recently entertained a spectacular trampoline wipeout and have found that in the three weeks since it happened (quite spectacularly) my back hasn’t really recovered.  I’m starting to feel like I’m sleeping ‘wrong’, which is a pretty crazy concept, if you think about it.  My back is not happy, and neither are my elbows, which were also damaged in the spectacular backflipping accident.  I managed to jam my arm between the springs, under the side mats; I was pretty sure I was going to have a nicked elbow-bone, a 90 degree cast and an inability to button my own pants for several weeks.  As it turns out I don’t (think I) have a chipped elbow, but adding to the injury from the padless roller skating incident, I am positive I will have permanently bumpy elbows.  Did I mention it was spectacular?  My coach asked me if I was dead.

I have yet another new haircut; new haircuts are awesome, I always feel fancy as hell walking around with freshly cut hair.  Even if I can’t style it like my hairdresser did.  Actually, my hairdresser isn’t even a hairdresser yet, she’s a student…still did a kickass job, if I do say so.  I keep gowing shorter with the intention of having my natural hair colour and cutting out all the orangey-brown stuff (which used to be red).  At this point I have about three inches of my natural hair colour, for the first time in about 10 years, and the layers really blend the rest of the colours together, yey!

Comfy new shoes!  Ten dollars from the GT Boutique!  I also got a beautiful pair of brown boots.  I’ve been looking for a non-trendy, flat, riding-style knee-high boot, and I finally found them.  At the same time, D got Beatle-boots!  They’re great too.  I have no photos…

Superfluous pet photos because, why not!

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2 Responses to I have permanently sore elbows.

  1. kilax says:

    I love your new cut and the dramatic makeup! I feel bad about your boo boos though 😦

    Yay! Keep the pet pics coming!

    • listedmal says:

      Thanks! I was at home alone playing around with my makeup kit like a little kid…
      I’m sure it’s only going to go downhill from here as far as aches and pains go 😦

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