I’m taking a first year economics course at York University.  Not because I don’t already have a degree  or that I even need the couse for the second degree I’m working on (second-ish…Major leverage from the first degress going on).  I figured since none of the classes I actually need work with an adult’s schedule, and I need to take something to stay on as a student, I might as well take a course that may have the smallest chance of being useful in the future.  What isn’t useful, you ask?  The school’s website.

I thought it was only Carleton that had a labrynth of a website.  In fact, it seems all universities employ the same sadistic web designer.  After navigating this, and finally figuring out how to not only enroll for a course, but pay for it too, I curled up on the couch and cried a good cry.  It was all that could be done.

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One Response to University

  1. kilax says:

    LOL! How sad that that is SO TRUE! Happy you got things figured out… eventually! 🙂

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