I mentioned a while ago about my emerging interest in raw food, and I have been looking more and more into it since.  I love reading recipes all the more when my food porn is actually healthy.  As a side effect, I think I’m subconsciously choosing to eat more fruits and veggies, which is awesome because I feel great. I find myself craving raw almonds and dried apricots for snacks and not feeling like my dinner is complete without a big, badass salad.
While I don’t think that I will ever be able to give up cheese, sushi or fresh bread, thus quashing my ability to ever been a full-fledged raw foodist, there is one thing that I’m really sold on: Leafy greens. No matter who you are or how old you are or what ails you, you can not argue that you could be eating more leafy greens. I’ve been straying from the regular romaine/iceberg salads that I’m used to and delving into (literally) greener pastures. Swiss chard, the kind with the red stocks, is AMAZING sauteed with garlic and onions. Ditto with beet greens. Bok choy is great in any stir-fry. This morning I put two handfuls of spinach in my strawberry-banana smoothie and it was great; bright green and still fruity tasting. My next task is to learn how to recreate the seaweed salad from my favourite Japanese joint. I know it sounds weird, but I love how slimy it is.
What’s your favourite leafy green, and how do you like to eat it?

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