#4. Visit a Museum

I am back from vacation, feeling good, not so excited about being at work but definitely a lot more relaxed about things now that I have had some time to chill out. Everything is not daisies and rainbows, I still have life stresses and my mummy is at home recovering from surgery today (Hope you are not sore mum! Love you!), but I am feeling like I can handle it rather than wanting to hide and ignore the world. Deep breath.

I am definitely not crossing things off the list at a speed that would indicate completion this year. I have decided that I am ok with that. I spent a few weeks really being stressed out about everything and this blog really added to that; I felt bad in general, then I felt bad that I was not doing any of these things that were really supposed to be fun and exciting, and when I forced myself to do anything fun and exciting, I really did not enjoy it. So, I have decided that if I do not get things done this year, that it is alright; I will add some new things to the list at the end of the year and try and use this for the purpose it was supposed to be used for: Doing fun things and sharing them.

On to fun things.

One of my oldest and bestest friends came to visit for the first few days of my vacation from a-way up north.  Not North Carolina, not northern Michigan, not Central Ontario, not Northern Ontario according to those people that think that Northern Ontario means Sudbury…proper Northern Ontario.  She was excited to visit a city that was not Winnipeg, I was excited for a visitor.  We had a good time doing “city” things:  Freaking her out (only a little) with all-you-can-eat sushi, walking and shopping on trendy Queen Street and gritty Kensington Market, groceries in Chinatown, eating at an amazing vegan restaurant called Fresh, testing makeup at Sephora, going to the dusk-till-dawn drive-in and even some hot and sunny cottaging.  Where she got a smidge heat stroke, sorry Kiera-my-deara, I forget that you are much more fair than I…  And in the middle of that, the Bata Shoe Museum. 

We saw Elton John’s platforms, Terry Fox’s running shoe, Marilyn Monroe’s red stilettos, the hushpuppies that Dr. Evil wore and some other neat exhibits.  One about these crazy medievil platforms, called chopines.


Excellent time for anyone who wears shoes, I must recommend.

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3 Responses to #4. Visit a Museum

  1. John says:

    Those are some weird pumps! What were they made from? Bone? Wood?

    I obviously don’t remember but I thought your list was a “life” list. Didn’t realize you were trying to do it all this year. Still 7 months though 🙂 Oh yeah no stress do whenever and have fun with this list for sure!!!!

  2. Kiera says:

    Thank you so much Mal for my wonderful weekend in Toronto!! If I had a list like yours I definitely would have crossed off a few things! I am so glad that we got to have a visit and can’t wait for the next one! Although next time I really should drive so I can fill my truck before I come home! Hope your stress level has decreased! And please tell your Mom I hope she feels better soon! I will write you a lenghtier e-mail soon!
    xo Love Kiera

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