Give Blood Again….or Not

I was supposed to give blood this morning, but I couldn’t.  Apparently I, who, genetically, should hail from the land of excess iron in the blood, have an iron level of 11.2 today.  you can’t donate blood unless your at at least 12.5.  I even took my vitamins, and had beef yesterday.  What’s the deal?  Is it because I had trampoline last night and tramped my heart out (ie, until I felt woozy in the legs); or is it because I ran home from work yesterday, a lovely/treacherous 5km up hill?  Do I not know as much about nutrition as I thought?  Last time I was right on the line too, I think I was 12.7, and a few times in years gone by I was too low to donate,  so clearly this is not a one off.

I call on medical professionals, people with nutritional knowledge and/or those who just think they know stuff about food:  please give me your iron-boosting advice, so that next time I go to donate blood, I don’t get the boot.

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