#14. Paint the Bathroom

A Saturday afternoon well spent, I say.

The bathroom is pretty much put back together, save the paint smell and a few touch ups, and I think it looks pretty snazzy so I took some glamour shots.  After I removed half of the thing that normally live in there, naturally.  I missed the toilet cleaner, of which I obviously use the cheapest brand known to man; yeah, my toilet water is a shocking shade of blue, what you gonna do about it?

It even looks snazzy from the back.

The puttying, sanding and painting, when relatively smoothly, although I think it may have to do with the fact that my bathroom is only about 50 square feet, so how much of a pain could decorating it possibly be?  I got this great, if not slightly expensive, paint from Home Depot, a primer and paint in one made by Behr, that basically covered in one coat.  I was pretty impressed with the quality.  Finally, keep kittens and paint in separate rooms, you do not want to be washing grey paw prints off the floor.  At least I don’t have carpet.

I’ll tell you a secret about having an awesome grown up bathroom that looks put together (and snazzy, if I may use the word snazzy a third and fourth time), I’ve figured this out after observing the bathrooms of the put together grown ups that I know: My mum, my grandma, my best friend Tee.  

The double shower curtain.  Acquiring one is rite of passage in one’s life.

As you can see here, I have gone with a lovely metallic cloth outer curtain, that I never would have bought myself because I’m cheap(ish), but was a wedding gift from my grandparents, and a shockingly blue inner plastic curtain, that I installed three minutes before this picture was taken, from Ikea.  Hey, I think it matches the toilet water!

Painting the bathroom and the double shower curtain:  a great way to complete your life.  Or at least make you feel fancy while taking a bath, I’m all about feeling fancy.  On to the bedroom!

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One Response to #14. Paint the Bathroom

  1. Lou says:

    Bathroom looks great. Really cool and upto date. Would never have noticed toilet cleaner – eyes focused on the great red cabinet. I’m easily distracted by red!!

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