Painting – Part 1

With the end result being a less boring, and therefore less depressing, home we set out to Home Depot to get some paint on the weekend.  Or at least some paint ideas.  I would really like to paint the entire apartment, other than my bitchin’ lime kitchen that is, but I’m going to start with the bathroom and the bedroom.  Now,  don’t think I’m taking it easy or anything, the bathroom needs some  love as we have some serious water damage to contend with, and the bedroom is about thirty percent of the size of my house.

Now, D goes crazy for colours.  He loved a red and a blue and an orange and a pink and a green,  and it’s awesome to have a husband who loves a lot of colour, I am definitely not a neutral kind of girl, but I have to reign him in a little bit, for fear of having our place look as if Crayola sneezed all over it.  So we got one crazy bright colour, one fun neutral and one subdued neutral:

I bought a blue tester, called “Royal Peacock,” it’s beautiful.  I’m going to paint at least one wall this colour.It doesn’t look this chalky in real life.  And the tester only came in flat finish, so that only adds to the chalkiness.

I found this glorious nickel called “Anonymous”, which, just so you know, is the exact colour of my towels.

I got another tester, which looked lovely and buttery in the store called “Cozy Cottage”, but upon applying it to the wall, we found that it was almost exactly the same colour as the  ‘builder’s beige’ which plagues the rest of our apartment.  Don’t get me wrong, the more I see it, the more I like it, it’s fresher and warmer than the current colour, it just did not want to be photographed.

The bathroom would like to be nickel.  It told me so.But first I have to putty and sand my life away.

Now I’m trying to decide if the bedroom should be “Royal Peacock” and “Cozy Cottage”, or “Royal Peacock” and “Anonymous”.  I also need to decide how many walls of each colour I want.  Choices, choices.

Any decorating tips?

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4 Responses to Painting – Part 1

  1. Stephie says:

    Isn’t your front hallway already a relatively strong plethora of colour??

  2. Duncan says:

    you can make your page just as pretty as your walls

    check out the website for free themes to change up your whole design!


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