Today at work, I had a rousing argument with a co-worker over whether my sweater was pink (said I) or purple (said he).  Without going into details, because it really isn’t that interesting a story, the sweater was decided to be purple/periwinkle/mauve by pretty much everyone but me.  As it turns out my husband has been right all along:  it seems I am partially colourblind.  I am also partially regular blind too, and legally blind according to my driver’s licence  (FYI: if you need glasses to drive, you are considered legally blind).  So there’s a tidbit about me for you, I’m partially blind in all respects.

That being said, I am sure that everyone can agree one a couple things:

These flowers are blue and white.

These flowers are pretty.

I love having fresh flowers, it just makes winter that much more tolerable.  Especially on a blowy, chilly day like today.

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2 Responses to Colourblind

  1. iduncant says:

    woah.. mal, i had no idea if you needed glasses you were blind!

    DAMNIT! i’m blind 😦
    i’ll have to start putting that on my resume

  2. Duncan says:

    your little blog is the most entertaining part of my life right now, please write more.

    Thank you,
    your little brother

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