Resolution #2: Exercise

Today we took a trip to the Don Valley.

Hard to believe this is in the centre of one of the largest cities in Canada, but it is.

Henry feels right at home.  If anyone tries to tell you that Boston Terriers do not like cold and wet, they may come meet my bush dog; he is only happy if the weather is yucky and he is running around in mud and snow.He even uses plants to floss.  I think he would probably leave me and stay here forever if I gave him the choice.  Luckily, Henries do not make the choices around these parts.  Plus, he’d regret his decision when he realized that they do not have chicken treats out here.

I found green stuff growing! Green, in February, is pretty hard to come by.

I  realized that woodpeckers are perfectionists.Even the little baby branches had perfect woodpecked rounds.  I wonder if that’s what killed it?

I found this stuff growing everywhere, a mix between a wild rose bush and dogwood.What are you?  Does anyone know?

Now go outside.

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5 Responses to Resolution #2: Exercise

  1. mommy says:

    Hey, I thought it was supposed to be you exercising, not Henry! Oh well, I guess you do have to chase after him (:

  2. kilax says:

    Henry is adorable!

    What a beautiful place to hike. I love seeing all the new growth this time of year!

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