My Love(s)

I love cupcakes.  I love cupcakes and it’s Valentine’s Day.  My Love loves paintball.  So, in honour of Valentine’s Day, I made him and his team cupcakes.  Mostly because I love cupcakes and everything involved with them (including cupcake construction, but especially cupcake destruction).

I got this adorable book for Christmas; people know of my cupcake adoration.

So I chose the best looking recipe from it (the one I had all the ingredients for), and made orange chocolate cupcakes with lemon buttercream icing.  It wasn’t really what the recipe was called, since I have an allergy to following recipes properly, but it’s almost straight from the book.

I made these lovely orange-chocolate cakes, as previously mentioned.  Hello, little chocolate babies.

I made some icing to fancy them up.And I put the pieces together.

All in the name of love and St. Valentine.

Speaking of which; ooh, what a pretty little box we have here.Hmmm….Oooooh la la…My cupcakes must be really good!

Excuse me while I skip off into the sunset singing “I Feel Pretty.”

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2 Responses to My Love(s)

  1. Chancey Lady says:

    I would be singing as well. And on the cupcake front – now I want cupcakes! I think that I will make similar ones for Jacquie’s last day next week! (And I can write about them on my blog!)

  2. Kiera says:

    Holy shit girl, you must have made some really good cupcakes……oh and might I add that your sweetie has some really good taste….super pretty!! Oh and the cupcakes looked amazing! But I bet you they would have tasted better if you made them on the BBQ!!! Hmmm an idea for this summer I think so!

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