I watched Julie and Julia on the weekend and laughed hysterically at the scene when she freaks out about the lobster.  I didn’t think the part when the lobsters seem to attempt to jump out of boiling water was very realistic, I thought to myself   “I wonder if that would really happen?” So, the next day, I tested it out.

Please surf elsewhere if you are a kind-hearted vegetarian like my little sister, or if you are just a pansy meat-eater than can eat it, but not kill it.  I’m not sure if I know any of those, but if you are, I don’t judge you, I’ll just call you a pansy this once and we’ll not talk about it again.

Hello kind sir.  I’m sorry but I’m going to eat you for dinner.

Hopefully the Joy of Cooking will have some lobster tips for me, since I do not (currently, hint hint) own Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

And it does, several pages of how-to-lobster.  Phew, I thought I may have to, gasp, google it.

Sorry Mister Lobster.

And twelve minutes later I had a fancy pants dinner.

A lot of work to get to my dinner, but not as horrible as I remember lobster tasting when I was a kid.

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One Response to Lobster

  1. mommy says:

    Cathy says to tell you that she is a pansy meat-eater and that she couldn’t and won’t eat lobster. I often read your posts out loud in the heads’ room and everyone there thinks you are very whitty. You must get that from me! Ha, ha!

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