Pretty pretty flowers

I know I’m a disgrace to all florists and flower arrangers everywhere; I just don’t have the eye for decorating that I really wish I had, and my spatial awareness when it comes to item placement is really lacking. Which is how I ended up with this.
It’s the world’s most ridiculous flower arrangement, it’s in my living room, and I love it.  It’s difficult to see how large this arrangement is from a photo, but this is about four and a half feet tall; that vase is about 36 inches and it held the floor arrangements for my wedding.  In short, the bouquet is huge.  And if you think something about it looks nice, it’s because my husband did that part, I promise you.
I love this guy.

And these little guys.

Mostly, I love this guy here.  My favourite most flower in all the land.

So I guess my theory is right; if I buy a bunch of flowers that I think are really pretty, they will just manage to work together, or at least I will think they work together and that is good enough for me!  That being said,  if you have any flower arranging tips for me, please divulge, I will put them to good use.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, what favourite flower are you hoping to get a big bunch of this year??

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5 Responses to Pretty pretty flowers

  1. Florista says:

    well I really like this flower arrangement and looks very exotic and you have good taste in flowers I really love birds of paradise

  2. Melissa Chancey says:

    Now you’ve made me want fresh flowers… and this year no one is going to be sending you money to go buy them for me 🙂

  3. Kiera says:

    Beautiful choice in flowers, very interesting arrangement…….if you teach me how to cook I’ll teach you how to arrange flowers….LOL just kidding my girl I think it looks awesome!
    It passes the Kiera Test!

  4. Moranna says:

    Look – we can’ t all be perfect flower arrangers! I’m one! and I still criticise my own and other people’s arrangements! There is room for all ‘arrangements’ even if they are only in a vase!
    The memories they evoke for you are sufficient – and you can’ beat fresh flowers even
    if you stick them in an old tin.!

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