Resolution #2: Exercise

Anyone who has tried a new sport or exercise regime will atest to the insane soreness that comes along with it. I am sore in places I didn’t even realise there were muscles to be sore. I am sore doing things that I never realised used the muscles in my lower back. I am sore. Really sore, super sore.  Last week was worse.
Trampolining is the **** (censored for my mum), and you should try it, but beware that you will be sore, really, super sore.

It’s totally worth it.  I’m working on this move.

Except I can only twist once and I usually land somewhere near the springs.

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3 Responses to Resolution #2: Exercise

  1. Stephie says:

    Did you tape this? I really want to see you flipping through the air.

  2. evaopala says:

    I know the feeling, haha. But it actually helps to get up and do things.. as painful as it is!
    Good luck with that!
    And thank you for your comment.. its uplifting to know someone else gets the same effect from Muse’s music. I am seeing them live next weekend! 🙂

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