Resolution #6: Be tidier

I have a new best friend, his name is Rummy.  Actually, I wouldn’t say best friend, because that would be pathetic.  I’m not sure where my obession with naming inanimate objects came from: Tamara’s car Gigi, my GPS Madge, and now this. 

We got an iRobot Roomba!  He’s fast!  I never have to vacuum again!  Not that I vacuumed to begin with, since we didn’t own one.  But as everyone knows, I have two furry monsters, and husbands are not reliable for floor cleaning duty, so the ability to clean up pet hair everyday at 6.30pm (and noon on the weekend, it’s programmable) without doing anything at all will enhance my life considerably.

Beyond the cleaning benefits, watching this little guy play bumper cars with everything in the apartment is more entertaining than I can even explain.  Last night Henry was sniffing about and accidentally turned it on with his nose, he was more than a little surprised when he woke up the vacuum monster; I pretty sure he thinks it is a living thing that is out to get him.

For more iRobot info.

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2 Responses to Resolution #6: Be tidier

  1. Stephie says:

    I am really jealous.

    • listedmal says:

      You should get one then, seriously.
      I came home today and it was in the kitchen, Henry had turned it on with his nose again, and it had gotten stuck on a tea towel that fell on the floor, so it shut off in the kitchen….I’m sure he was freaking out the whole time.

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