Soup Time: Curried Carrot and Roasted Red Pepper

I was feeling in a cooking type of mood today, and I also had some red bell pepper on the counter because when I went grocery shopping I ran out of fridge space.  In my defense, the apartment does have a little baby toy fridge and I need something more substantial.  Something with a drawer just for fresh herbs and a drawer with a picture of cheese (for cheeses) and crispers with adjustable humidity.  I’m not asking for much, just a real fridge.  And a gas range, and maybe, just maybe, marble counter tops.  You know, for pastry.

Anyway, from these three red peppers on the counter, I ended up with this.

Curried carrot and roasted red pepper soup.  Thai curry, not Indian curry.  First I started with these lovely peppers.

And then I put them under the broiler until they screamed for mercy, jumped out of their skins, and chopped themselves.  Like this:Ooh yeah, they know who’s boss.  Then took out my nicest sauce pot.

(Ha!  The picture’s upside-down, how like life.  I’m not even going to fix it.)  And I chopped my rudest large onion, then threw it into the pan with two tablespoons of olive oil and two three cloves garlic, on medium-low (well, medium, but it should have been medium-low, you’ll see).  Then I went to the bathroom to rinse my crying, red eyes.  I just can’t find my swim goggles.I let the garlic burn a bit while I was flushing my eyes; don’t do that.  I also added some fancy mild peppercorns I have, that’s optional.  I also stirred everything so that it was a bit more distributed in the pan.  Let’s chop some carrot while we’re waiting for the onions to cook, shall we?

Two big carrots, halved and chopped, it was about 2.5 cups in all; I didn’t peel.  Why?  Because I’m lazy it’s healthier, more fiber you know.  Then go to the very back of the fridge to find that teeny tiny bottle of curry paste.

Yeah, that one, take two tablespoons.  Now throw everything in together, and maybe some tomato paste (because there’s half a can left from the last thing I cooked and it’s only going to go bad if I don’t use it now.  In short, the paste is optional) and a litre of vegetable stock.  You could be fancy and use homemade stock, but I’m not feeling fancy today, so it’s the powdered stuff.  Let it mellow.Whoops, the peppers weren’t added in this picture.  Not to worry, they joined in shortly after, as did a can of coconut milk.  Then I turned it to medium-high and boiled the whole lot for about ten minutes, then blended with my handy-dandy Kitchen Aid immersion blender.  And then I ate soup for dinner.  Mmmmm

I can put a more easy to follow recipe for this if you want to make it (and you should, it’s delicious) and require better instruction.

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One Response to Soup Time: Curried Carrot and Roasted Red Pepper

  1. Vanilla says:

    Yumm! I love scpicy stuff 🙂

    I always peel my carrots because of my mom…she read somewhere that EVERYTHING that comes from the ground should be peeled otherwise you’ll get cancer or something…xD (Zucchini, potatoes…) *sigh*

    Thanks for your list of ‘Addicting thing’! I also can’t finish craft projects…it’s cool to start, but to finish, it’s another story. I also shouldn’t be surfing on the Internet…must finish those homework 😉

    Happy holidays!

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